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  1. Ideally, the boccia court is 6 x 10 m, but less is also fine.

  2. Two teams compete. Each team consists of 1, 2 or 3 players. You can choose to add the rule that players have to be seated when playing the balls.

  3. Team 1 uses the red balls and Team 2 uses the blue ones.

  4.  The game begins: Team 1 throws the white target ball onto the court.

  5. Team 1 now throws a red ball - and tries to get as close to the target ball as possible.

  6. Now Team 2 throws one or more blue balls. When a blue ball is closest to the target ball, then it's Team 1's turn to throw.

  7. The game continues in this way until all balls are thrown.

  8.  Finally, points are counted: The team that has a ball closest to the target ball gets points. 1 point is given for each ball that is better placed than the opponent's best ball. There are maximum 6 points in each game.

  9. In the next game, the Team 2 starts by throwing the target ball onto the court.

  10. A match comprises 4 games.